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7131- CLEARANCE Carpets -Old handmade carpets are collected from different cities, towns andvillages in Turkey.

Hand Made

You can see how much handcruft is on a overdyed rug. All the finishing are made by hand by our experts.

Hand Stitching

Our experts make all the stichings by hand. We dont use any machine to make any finishing. Our products are competely handmade.

100 % Wool

All of our products are 100 % organic wool.


We use fabric fabric for all patchwork rug.


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  • $1,500.00

Old handmade carpets are collected from different cities, towns and villages in Turkey. After collecting, they arrive to our place of manufacturing. The carpets are shaved and make them ready to be washed by special shampoos to disinfect. After that, they are separated into groups based on colors and make then ready to be dyed. After dying of carpets, it takes 3-4 days to get dry.

Carpets are cut into small pieces based on the design. These pieces are put on the floor and made the design by our designers. After the designing, the pieces are sent to the stitching which is done by hand. Followed by fabric backing fitting, unique patchwork rug is ready to be used for homes, offices, shops, hotels and exhibition areas.

Product Details

Size183 x 304 cm
Material100% Wool
Weight21 kg
Get this dispatched2-3 working days

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