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About Us

We are a vintage handmade rug manufacturer and we have been in handmade carpet business for last 80 years. We have a showroom in Istanbul and manufacturing place in middle of Anatolia. We are selling different type of handmade Carpets. We have decided to offer our goods to the end user as we normally supply products in high quantites to many companies located in different countries.

What we believe

We think the high street and expensive designer brands give consumers a raw deal. That's because everyone along the way takes a cut, from agents to landlords. And you - our discerning customer - pay for that cut. So we're manufacturer and selling directly to the endusers. Here's how we do it differently:

Save up to 70%

Direct from the makers

No warehouses. No physical stores. No middlemen. We're just offering you products from our production.
Wholesale Orders
We will be happy to supply products to projects or sell in high quantities. We apply special discount rates for big orders. Please get in touch with us and ask about details.

Our pricing

Without the middleman we give you opportunity to reach the high quality handmade rugs. We have just focused on selling online to anywhere in the world in much affordable prices comparing to other websites.

Uncompromised Quality

All of our products are handmade and made in Turkey. We use old Turkish carpets and kilims for our products. We carefully collect them from different region of Anatolia. We have been doing this business for 80 years.

Peace of mind


We delivery our products by TNT as we have a special agreement with them. Your order will be delivered with free of charge.

Real time tracking

You can keep an eye on your order every step of the way - while it's being made, and while it's being shipped. And if anything changes, we'll be in touch.